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Brent Babcock D.C.

At the age of nineteen my father passed away because of diabetes and poor health. My family, not knowing at the time about the benefits of being under chiropractic care, turned over every stone looking for answers. This quest eventually led me to chiropractic.

Nothing brings me more joy than knowing I have the opportunity to serve in a profession that can dramatically impact ones health for the better.

During my first year of chiropractic school at Life Chiropractic West, my wife and I had our first son, Colby. It was then at birth that our baby boy was diagnosed with a genetically inherited terminal disease called “Cystic Fibrosis.” I was told that our child would not live a full life and have to be hospitalized frequently due to chronic lung infections and digestive issues. I refused to accept that.

Our child is now 7 years old, thriving, healthy and has never been hospitalized. What are we doing different you may ask? Colby has received chiropractic adjustments since he was born to help his nervous system function without interference, he has a special diet tailored specifically to assist healing and growth and he gets lots of exercise.

We can help you! Just like Colby you also may be dealing with health issues. Whether that breakdown in your nervous system expresses itself as low back pain, chronic migraines, depression, digestive issues, allergies or what have you, I have dedicated myself to being the best wellness doctor I can be. When you come in for your free consultation it is my job to find through a specific protocol used in our office where these breakdowns are in your nervous system. Whether it be a structural, chemical or an emotional imbalance, we will tailor a treatment plan just for you.

It’s exciting just thinking about the opportunity I have to help you and your family improve your health. Please call Babcock Chiropractic and Wellness Center & Wellness Center today so you too can benefit from chiropractic care as my family has!




I have been fortunate enough to be a chiropractor since 2012 and a member of this practice since 2015. I love coming to work every day and helping my community members heal and regain their quality of life through natural healthcare. When I was a child, I suffered from excruciating migraine headaches. I would have them at least one time per week, every week starting when I was about 8 years old.

My parents and I tried everything we could to find out why I was getting them. We kept food journals, we changed my diet to eliminate common triggers for migraines, and nothing helped. My pediatrician finally just told us that they were probably just childhood migraines that I would grow out of. I was living off of ibuprofen and Excedrin to try and manage these episodes; it wasn't very successful. I didn't even know what a chiropractor was, but I was out of options and desperate. My Chiropractor changed my life. My migraines went away within a handful of weeks and I was able to get my life back. From there I knew I wanted to be a chiropractor.

As a graduate of Life Chiropractic College West, I was taught different techniques that allow me to tailor adjustments to the specific needs of my patients. After graduating I was recruited to an extremely high volume practice that gave me exposure to a wide variety of conditions. It was an amazing learning experience but I wanted something more personal. That is why I chose to work in this office with this particular group. There are reasons why people refer to us so often and rate our office so highly online. Our patients are our family. We are able to talk with our patients, take the time necessary to know them and what they need on a visit to visit basis. As a result, our patients feel at home and they get better faster.

My wife Kelly and I have 5 beautiful children that include 2 sets of twins! We live in Concord where we are active in our church and their youth program. Most of our weekends are full of baseball in the spring and summer time (Go Giants!), and we love to spend as much time as possible outside (hiking, camping, etc…). My family's health and wellbeing is of the utmost importance to me. As a member of our chiropractic family, your health and wellbeing is just as important.


Ian Chase D.C.

Chiropractic has been a passion of mine for most of my life. When I was young, I had regular, recurring episodes of dizziness 4 times a year. I went to many different doctors and specialists, but no one could figure out what was wrong with me or how to help me.

When I was 12, a chiropractor discovered that he could drastically reduce my debilitating symptoms by adjusting my left ear.

To this day, he is the only doctor to have directly affected my vertigo. Ever since then, I knew I wanted to become a chiropractor and help people in the same way this doctor helped me.

After graduating from the University of Western States in Portland, OR, practicing in Chico, CA, and now here at Babcock Chiropractic, I have seen many people with difficult cases get better very quickly. I believe this is because I have approached my patient's treatment from multiple angles to ensure the longest lasting effects of the adjustments we provide, which helps our patients get better faster. The best part of my day is when a patient tells me they have hope that they can return to their normal lives again.

In my spare time, my fiancé Alyssa and I enjoy hiking, watching movies, playing board games, and spending time with our friends. I also enjoy calisthenics and running to stay in shape. My current goal is to run a 5k in 24 minutes.

Working here has been a great step in my life, and I know you'll feel the same way when you visit our office!



As a California native and father of two young children, I spend my weekends riding bikes, visiting regional parks, tending garden, and reading the same books over and over to my kids. During the week, I provide acupuncture and family medical care for adolescents, young adults, and retired seniors in my clinic here in San Ramon.

I have a masters in Health Sciences and a Doctorate in Integrative Family Medicine and Pain Management. Acupuncture is well known for being relaxing with the ability to effectively treat conditions that result in pain, paresthesia, reduced functional mobility in addition to being a wonderful adjunct to physical rehabilitation. With my experience and unique perspective on health, I offer a slow-paced thoughtful compassionate approach to healing that’s based on the individual needs and goals of each person I work with.

Medical Billing Manager


Hey! My name is Veronieca and I have been with this amazing office since 2015. I manage the insurance/billing for our office so that you don't have to. I am also the Wellness Coach here, but most importantly, I'm here for our patients!

I love that we run a medical office that feels like home! It's extremely important to me that nobody feels intimidated being here, and that we treat everyone like family!

Back in 2010 I found out that I had developed laryngotracheal stenosis and was told that it is likely to reoccur in the future, I guess that I'm stubborn because I refused to believe that! I made some lifestyle changes and focused more on self care. Update, It has been ten years and I've never felt better in my life!

In addition to work, I'm also a sonography student. I literally spend all of my free time with my daughter, Adrien! Whether it's playing outdoors or staying in and building a fort. She truly inspires me everyday.

Office Manager & Chiropractic Assistant

Casey Hall

Hey everyone! I'm Casey, and I am very passionate about helping people. I'm one of the first people you will see when you come in, and I love that part of my job is getting to meet and greet everyone I can and learn a little bit about every patient. If I'm not at work in the office, I'm either putting in work at the gym or making another cup of coffee. Please let me know how I can make your visit with us the best it can be!

I grew up with a nasty "S" curve in my back, along with hypermobile shoulders and a busted rotator cuff. I have since had surgeries for my shoulders and I grew up wearing a back brace, but I wish someone had told me about going to the chiropractor when I was younger because I feel so much better. With getting regular adjustments, my upper back and spine have never felt better. And with how active I am being in the gym twice a day, it helps my joints stay aligned and strong to power through my lifts and intensive workouts. Getting regular chiropractic care has really given me a new perspective on health care!

Massage Therapist & Corrective Exercise Specialist

Taylor Tillinghaust

My own physical imbalances and health issues lead me to study at Cal Poly and I graduated with a BS in Kinesiology. I started working as a personal trainer and then found I had a niche for helping people fix imbalances and recover from injury. I wanted to learn more so I got certified as a corrective exercise specialist.

I loved working with people and helping them improve their quality of life by reducing their pain. Although the exercise component was awesome I felt that my clients needed bodywork as well. I saw that a lot of my clients had old injuries and scar tissue that was preventing them from doing the corrective exercises properly. It was at this time that I went back to school for massage therapy. I took the knowledge I learned there and combined it with my previous bodywork training I had in college, where I had the opportunity to work with the Cal Poly men's soccer team. This knowledge plus my corrective exercise background allows me to do a very specific type of body work.

Although I can give a basic swedish or deep tissue massage, the majority of my clients come to me for more. I do a combination of myofascial and active release therapy that can be on the more painful side, as it is breaking down adhesions in both the muscle and facial tissue that restrict movements and cause pain. I integrate this style of body work with certain corrective stretches and exercises that help retrain your movement patterns so that you can get stronger and more stable, which will decrease your pain and overtime get your body feeling how it was prior to the injury or repetitive stress of normal everyday life. Although this work can be painful, I want you to know that you do have the ability to heal. You just need the right tools in order to get your body moving and feeling better, and I am here to assist you on this journey. I cannot wait to help more of you feel good in your body again!

Chiropractic Assistant & Front Desk Reception

Jade Galvan

Hi! My name is Jade and I am so excited to meet all of our wonderful patients. I am a Public Health student and I like to spend my free time at the racetrack or with my furry child. I love to meet new people and create a welcoming friendly environment for our patients!


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